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Scottish Cultural Press, 2000
Part memoir, part eulogy, but with outbreaks of bubbling humour, DISTANCES conjures up a rich diversity of people and places [more…]

The following Anthologies either contain work by Stewart Conn or were edited by him. Of the latter 100 Favourite Scottish Poems ranges from the Ballads to Burns, 'Proud Maisie' to 'The Queen of Sheba', and 'Cuddle Doon' to 'The Jeelie Piece Song'; while 100 Favourite Scottish Love Poems mines a vigorous seam of love poetry, in Scotland's different tongues, from 'The Blythesome Bridal' and 'Barbara Allan' to the present day.

L'Anima del Teixidor L'Anima del Teixidor (with Anna Crowe)
Edicions Proa, Barcelona, 2000

Six Poetes Ecossais

With poems by Norman MacCaig, Iain Crichton Smith, George Mackay Brown, Stewart Conn, Douglas Dunn and Ron Butlin

Bilingual edition: tr Serge Baudot
Editions Telo Martius, Toulon, France, 1991

100 Favourite Scottish Poems
Luath Press/SPL, 2006

100 Favourite Scottish Love Poems
Luath Press, 2008

The Hand That Sees
(contains mini-CD)
SPL/Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, 2005

Goldfish Suppers (with Nancy Somerville)
City of Edinburgh Council, 2004

cover of Ice Horses, second Shore Poets Anthology, ed. Stewart Conn & Ian McDonough, 1996

Ice Horses (with McDonough)
Second Shore Poets Anthology
Scottish Cultural Press, 1996

A Sense of Belonging

A Sense of Belonging: Six Scottish Poets of the Seventies
(with Douglas Dunn, Tom Leonard, Liz Lochhead, William McIlvanney and Edwin Morgan)
Blackie, 1977

PEN New Poems 1973-4 PEN New Poems 1973–74

The issues of The Dark Horse and Chapman, edited by Gerry Cambridge and Joy Hendry respectively, marked Stewart Conn's 70th birthday in 2006 with critical essays, extended interviews and original work. 'There's a Poem to be made', a heart-warming selection of poems by 25 poets, was part of a celebration of the same occasion by Shore Poets whose Hon. President he has been since 1993.

Chapman 109
In Praise of the Lyric Muse:
Stewart Conn at 70

The Dark Horse 19
Stewart Conn: an interview and appreciations

There's a poem to be made

There's a Poem to be made
Shore Poets, 2006

Stewart Conn’s contribution to the nation’s literary life has been rightly, publicly recognised by his appointment as the first Edinburgh Makar – a nice position for a Glasgow boy – and as inaugural recipient of the Institute for Contemporary Scotland’s Iain Crichton Smith Award for services to literature. The first put him in the line of his much loved Dunbar and Fergusson, the second linked him with a cherished friend. Stewart is a fine exponent of the Scottish poetic tradition, and I am sure that this affectionate tribute by his peers and friends will be a treasured reminder of his own secure position in that long tradition. May he spend many more years writing for his pleasure and for ours. — Robyn Marsack, Director, Scottish Poetry Library